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Default Enigma Rising Tide Battleships/Battlecruisers

Ahoy folks, i need an information from you:
I have Enigma Rising Tide Gold(the downloadable from this forum)installed on my computer, and i'm trying to unlock the Battleships/Battlecruisers on the games. the issue is:some forums says that player needs to complete an campaing(any faction or fleet), other says that you need to have an patch installed(i already have the 3.0.2 installed), can you confirm any of this information
I'm trying to beat the american surface campaing, and i'm on the 10a mission(i already beat mission 10b), this mission(10a) is almost IMPOSSIBLE to beat, the player have to protect a convoy and attack an battlegroup which have the Hood on it(escorted by destroyers), can you give a little help on how to beat this mission?

Enzo Magno
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