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Default Radio warning receiver

Hi all
I am in mid 42 in port trying to continue the campaign and adding radio warning receiver. The red bar reaches to 70% and getting ctd.
That's my mod list

TKSS18 German U-Boats Compilation=1
German U-Boats Compilation 2 (only VIIB & VIIC models by WISE)=2
Ai German U-Boats Collection (Ahnenerbe)=3
SH-5 Water for SH-3 16 Km V84=4
SH-5 Water for SH-3 Bigger Sun v2=5
Harbor, Landscapes & Terrain Textures=7
KB's Diesel Sound Mod=9
Haunting Atlantic Wind=10
Torpedo Hydrophone Sound=11
Ultimate Aircraft Soundmod=12
ail Das Boot officers mod v2.14=15
Red Night Map=16
Sub Image mod=17
U-Boat IXC (Skin 2 (U-505)) Turm 1-2-3=18
WB's Mission Orders Lite v1.1=19
WideGui 1360 x 768=20
New Lorient v1 - GWX3 Standard Missions=21
GWX - Late War Sensors Snorkel Antennas=24

Please help
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