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Originally Posted by fitzcarraldo View Post
Thanks Ahnenerbe for the explanation. In my desperate use of your mod, I applied it on the last position of my huge list of mods (in GWX), and yes, it overwrites some files. In particular, I need to edit the en_menu file, modified by the Hsie. patch. I need to eliminate some GUI mods and reenable your mods and do more test. But, by now, all seems work fine. Also It needs some touches in the static.cfg file in SH3 Commander (if you use it).

And yes...I see the "60"....My mind wasn´t thinking in Real Navigation...

Best regards.

Fitzcarraldo, I believe all the file changes needed for the h.sie patches are already in place. But NOT those required for Stiebler's patcher. And Ahnenerbe's mod doesn't touch Basic.cfg, which AFAIK is the only file affected by Static_settings.cfg. (Or do you have other, home-brewed items in Static_settings?)
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