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Couple more updates to the Excel file tool in my sig:

1. Plot tab - Create a 15-min plot using ranges based on length and AOB (length is easier to measure at large distances). Fill in the section for the correponding observation as you go. The reason for keeping a record of previous observations is that, if and when you estimate a more-accurate AOB, you will need to go back and readjust the AOBs of the previous observations by the same amount, thus truing up your plot (because the ranges will change). This is what I ended up having to do in my "Day Full Engagement Video" between Parts I and II.

2. No TDC tab - Those of you familiar with the U-boat Commander's Handbook may remember that it has instructions on how to take shots in the case when the TDC is down. The handbook covers 4 types - the pure bow shot, the pure stern shot, the 45 deg angled shot, and the 90 deg angled shot. The scopes had trainable bearing rings at the top to assist in visualizing this, allowing the user to set the torpedo track (either 45 or 90 or the equivalent port bearings) as well as the lead angle. The tab "No TDC" replicates this, allowing you to designate the angled (or straight) shot desired, and computing attack course and lead angle. Simply turn Angle Tracking to Off, set the gyro angle by hand based on the angle of the shot, and set your scope to shoot bearing and wait for that sucker to cross the wire. The handbook limits the discussion of angled shots to 45 and 90 so as to not overcomplicate things, but with the magic of Excel formulas, any angle is readily possible. Win yourself bragging rights in the community if you get good at this method!
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