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DCS: World 1.5.5 Beta incoming
New version DCS 1.5.5 will be soon in Open Beta.

DCS World
Introduced User marks on the F10 map view.
ME. Attack point circle on the map restored
Debriefing. The duplicate tasks and aircraft names in the General Debriefing Data will be filtered
Added clickable radio-menu
AI UH-1H will not able to fly with broken tail rotor
MP. Added keyboard shortcut (F5) to refresh a list of servers in the lobby
MP. Lobby. The task column was replaced with an airfield column.
MP. Fixed bug that causes a no restriction movement of F11 view after ESC pressing
Simulation ESC menu. Added Audio Option panel button
Simulation ESC menu. Added Quit to Desktop button
Crash when trying to take control (jump into) of AI helicopter with vertical velocity more than 2 m/s has been corrected
Mission Generator. GUI Error when trying to change the starting position of vehicle company has been fixed
MP. Player kick button will visible only on server
The LOD of destroyed Kamaz-43101 model has been fixed
Net: increased default timeouts to 300 seconds
Network protocol changed (version 1.5.5 incompatible with 1.5.4)

Su-33: Autopilot mode indication will work
Su-33. Digital fuel indicator repaired
Su-25T. Engine sound will not disappear in cockpit when RPM<36% and RPM>98%
F-15C. The override possibility of TWS 30 degree scan to 60 degree scan has been eliminated
F-15C. TDC will not be slewed by mouse to outside the scan zone
Su-27. Incorrect indication of fuel quantity when starting in air has been fixed
Su-27. Flight control system with AOA and G-limiter has been adjusted
Su-27. Autopilot has been adjusted
Su-27. Tires strength has been adjusted

Steerpoint marker on HUD will not floating
The parasitic elements of external 3D model were removed from cockpit
Fixed click sound for some cockpit switches
UHF radio tone sound will not heard without electrical power
A-10C Piercing Fury Campaign. Corrected C-130 behaviour in the mission 2.

DCS Hawk by VEAO
Aden gun pod fire and ejector positions updated.
Brake pressure gauges now functional.
Transponder panel now active (for future functionality).
Gun and stores stick flaps animated correctly.
External textures optimized.
Kneeboard updated for authentic Hawk checklists.
Rear seat switching implemented for single player including functionality:
Press 2 and 1 to switch cockpits (can also assign to joystick).
Click spots updated for rear seat functionality.
Flap and gear control (clickable and joystick) implemented, including emergency flap and gear.
Flap and gear indicators functional.
Hydraulics and brake pressure gauges implemented.
Parking brake, Anti-Skid, Oxygen switch and AC/DC buttons all implemented.
HSI, Standby ADI, DGI and pressure settings switches, buttons and knobs functionality implemented.
All rear cockpit dash gauges implemented.
HSI Tacan / ILS navigation and glideslope functions implemented.
Beacon light and test implemented.
Accelerometer reset implemented.
CWP indicators functional including test switch.
Attention light reset switches implemented.
Land/Taxi light switch implemented.
Cockpit lighting switches, including dimmers, implemented.
Cockpit lighting WIP for FPS improvements.
CCS box implemented; VHF/UHF/ILS/Tacan (tune radios in front cockpit).
Canopy locking lever and safety catch implemented. Note: there is no grab handle in the back, press LCtrl+C to close or front cockpit grab handle).
Engine start / re-light sequence implemented. You can start the jet from the back but some switches in front need to be set (Ignition, Battery, LP Fuel Cock and Fuel Pump).
Weapons indicator panel functional and tied to front cockpit switch functionality (indicator lights show what has been set in the front).
Weapon override switch functional (set to override to disable firing of weapons).
Weapon jettison button functional.
Multi-Crew. Ability to ride-along in the rear seat in Player 2 slot on multi-player servers.

DCS L-39
Anti-ice system switch will be OFF at cold start
ADI failure lamp will lit when AC power is missing
Corrected latitude value on GMK-1
Cockpits sounds will depend of corresponding canopy state, forward cockpit by forward canopy and rear cockpit by rear canopy.
Emergency generator extension will be visible on net phantoms.

Inverted spin has been simulated.
UHF Radio - Hinged Access Door will be opened.
AIM-9 tone will not be heard if both wingtips gone off.
Landing gear audible warning will be heard when warning test switch enabled.
TACAN channel selector animation corrected.
Fixed RWR sound issues with new contacts.
Wing bend and twist due to G-loads has been corrected.
Changing TACAN channel will not interrupt current radio chat.
Input: Added some axis commands for TDC, rudder trim, lights etc.
With the start in the air the F-5E will be trimmed on the assigned speed like it is implemented for all other aircraft.
Aileron limiter now disabled at cold start.
Single player missions added.
Added inert and training stores.
Added wing damage with high G overload
Drag chute can not be fully deployed without any airstream
Drag chute model corrected

External F2 camera will do not zooming out on certain angles
The missing a pilot's skin fragments were restored
Side machineguns control by TrackIR and mouse has been refactored
‘Hot start’ fire is now visible for other clients in multiplayer
Search and landing lights will be synchronized between clients in multiplayer

DCS Black Shark
Fire exhaust effect for Ka-50's APU has been added
Searchlight will be synchronized between clients in multiplayer

DCS F-86
Fixed incorrect effect of flap deflection on pitching moment

Taxi & landing lights will enabled when hot start on ground at night
APU exhaust fire is now visible for other clients in multiplayer

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
Fuel reset knob animation was inverted.
DRM button added to Module Manager.
Reworked EB stall system test and indication (AOA/STALL warning light will now lit only when stall system is OFF or when the system is in test. Normal system operation, when AOA is over limit - pedals vibration and sound. RESET/OFF/TEST switch was made springloaded for both positions).
Implemented rear cockpit Korry buttons (ESS bus transfer, L/R battery isolate, Emergency aileron disconnect).
Added the following clickability/indication in rear cockpit: GPU korry button, fuel tanks red/green flags, fuel quantity indicator, fuel panel korry buttons, ignition light test, engine computer and engine antiice korry buttons.
Fixed cockpit mechanism.
Removed -1000 ft limit for altimeters.
Reworked ejection seat model and labels.
Updated autostart sequence.
Fixed and finished all cockpit texture.
Now GPU can only be connected by using radio menu, deleted its keyboard function.
Re-saved Quick Start and Single Caucasus missions to avoid hang on restart.
More News to the front.....

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