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Default Canvas Knights WW1 Game

Hi all

I am here to inform you about a new WW1 game called Canvas Knights its not a hard core simulation but it is enough so that one can get immersed in it and is out it will run as a demo and can be downloaded here;

In this game you not only get to fly you also get to drive ground vehicles like tanks and so on it is air, land, sea and under sea user vehicles with their proper physics for each kind of vehicle, this is a online off line game and right now the server can hold up to 24 players, I would like to give you a few screen shots then the links to the game stuff.

There is also add-on planes and vehicles that can be downloaded here;

Many skins that can be downloaded here;

Also add-on off line missions that can be downloaded here;

The game is modable and there are modding tutorials on the forum as well as help.

So come have a look download it and a play around with it.

I hope you enjoy it.

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