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29 August, 1914

Noel Kay and his observer are again part of rotating patrols. He finally sees some Germans. He will put that in his report though he is certain his superiors know exactly where this group is, since he has a front-row seat to a French-German artillery duel. They stick around until fuel concerns send them home again.

Corrie Aujla writes: "Still no word from either command, which is odd because with the war going on right next door they must need those trucks somewhere. Twenty of them, just sitting. Our bigger worry is what will become of us when they finally do move. Do we go with them, or sit here and wait to hear from our Squadron? Or do we set out on our own hoping we're heading in the right direction? If we stay we have no means of support with the army gone. If we go with them we risk becoming part of the infantry war. If we go our own way we could get drafted into some other unit, or even captured by the enemy. There seems to be no definite future, and no easy choice to make."

La Fere:
Nos 3 and 4 Squadrons, with Ries Meismer in No 4, move yet again, this time to Compiegne.

Odis Först and Hptmn Straub make an even longer flight to the north, knowing full well that the fighting is to the southwest. Orders are orders, so they go where they are told.
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