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All I would say is, it will likely avoid frustration if you learn the keystrokes for the things you need to do regularly. As well as the manual, there is a complete list here:

As there are so many, and so many of those are multi-key combos, the trick is to isolate and learn the commonly-used ones, maybe make your own list. For example, getting your tank to reverse, which you will forget the keystrokes for, just when you most need them.

Some random bits of advice:

- main keystrokes to learn (apart from reverse) are those to:
- select the whole platoon
- order (selected tanks to) fire at will
- order (.. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..) hold fire
- order (.. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..) to halt and to continue
- order own gunner to fire at will
- order own bow gunner to fire at will
- fire main gun
- fire co-axial MG
- formation commands for line (abreast), column, and wedge
- change views to external, gunner's sight, zoom gunner's sight where available, change range setting on gunner's sight where available, TC unbuttoned, TC binos
- choose ammo type (if you have it, use 'special AP' for heavy tank enemies)
- fire smoke mortar (if fitted);
(there are alternative text menus for commands but I find them too obtrusive visually and just use the hotkeys)

- Choose your setup options carefully - for example what is displayed on the map (I use 'show spotted units') which helps with navigation as well as who's who and where; and TC invulnerable so I don't have to worry about closing the hatch when I should;

- when the mission loads, orient your own tank the way you want to face and order your platoon into a suitable formation immediately (you may need to move forward a bit to 'give them room' to get into formation;

- also immediately, order your bow gunner to fire at will, otherwise he will not engage spotted targets;

- adopt your own style but I suggest playing mainly in the external (Ctrl+F1) view for situational awareness, dropping to the gunner's sight only when you want to shoot something (or fighting from the TC position, clicking on targets to designate them for your AI gunner);

- mouse-drag to reduce the size of the mousetank so that it is as small as you can use it and drag it to a corner where it is least conspicuous;

- when calling in artillery (from the 'Support' tab in the F12 map), remember there is a delay, so allow for any target movement as best you can. Don't expect too much if using it against enemy tanks, best kept for dealing with infantry who have weapons which will kill tanks if they're close enough eg you drive in amongst them without shelling them first;

- the F12 map tells you the victory conditions for the mission, in very explicit terms eg destroy 100% of this named enemy platoon (not so much in my missions though!);

- when advancing, be patient and do so in bounds. You can either order some wingmen to halt while the rest advance, or (faster) all advance together from cover to cover. But try to halt in a position which provides cover for your own tank and other wingmen with you eg a fold in the ground running perpendicular to your path. Observe the ground ahead for a while, before moving off again, you (and your AI crew-mates) are more likely to spot anything nasty from the halt;

- when playing many campaigns, be aware that supply may be limited by your set-up options and by game files, so you may start with five Tigers and after losses, end up with two Panzer IIIs and a couple of armoured cars. This is silly even for the German side and the game files that will come with Britpack '44-x will allow you to be re-equipped with the AFV your crews are trained to use, in each successive mission.

Again, good hunting!

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