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Hi Zee,
I have very much enjoyed the mod, a vast improvement on the original, as you say the future is promising. Here are a few thoughts on it, excuse me if I repeat others, I haven't read all 143 pages on this thread! I have a crash problem on restarting a failed mission sometimes, no biggy, I think it's about clearing the cache? I think the tiger is not affected speed wise by going up hill, is that fixable? would it be possible to reduce the amount it skews when hitting a destructable object, particularly if it's moving slowly and hits a tree. When you use AI driver and call for a halt he doesn't stop it, just puts it in nuetral, active braking would be good as well; even if you put the brake on, it seems like it takes too long to stop. It would be nice if you could give the AI driver speed presets, ie. keys 1-8, each representing a specific speed between 3 and max kph other wise you have to listen to him each time you tell him to speed up. Max speed over rough terrain is too high but I think that is being addressed? I think it is possible to confuse the AI gunner when designating targets and then he stops firing completely until you turn him on and off, I may be wrong on this. If you get to an enemy gun position there is often the crew standing there, if I was them I'd run away or play dead instead of waiting to be machine gunned! I know you are working on a system to repair tracked tanks and resupply them in the field and this will be great. It's a shame you can't change the load out before a mission, the first two in Kursk could use a bit more HE. I think it's been mentioned but the line of sight through trees etc, needs work, it's annoying to be shot at by things you can't respond to except through AI gunner. Some missions that have more of a defensive, rather than offensive flavour would be great too, the tigers excelled at this. Keep up the good work, Cheers!
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