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Default Submarine patrols off the West coast of North America

America June - July 1942

after the conclusion of operation AL , 5 coean cruising subs shifted patrol stations to
the waters of the west coast of America in much the same manner as did their
They were relieved in mid-june by seven old ocean cruising subs of the 2nd sub group.
The I 25 sank one cargo vessel on 20 June and briefley bombraded Astoria, Oregon on the 21st.
The I 7 also sank an enemy vessel before the end of the patrol in mid-July.
Captain Tomejiro Tamaki recommended the deployment of many submarines against enemy lines of communications
in areas of dense Shipping. However his recommendations went mostly unheeded, these surveillance
operations were not undertaken systematically, thus becoming mere nuisance patrols.
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