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Well, finally got it working pretty stable, but wasn’t easy...
It is very computer memory demanding for the least
I think my rig is just enough powerful to run it... even TWOS is lighter i think!
TWOS loading times are even faster, that’s quite incredible...

Anyway, after first patrol in September 39, what could i say?
I’m just amazed
Didn’t even though SH3 could be brought at this level
Graphically speaking, best U-Boat i’ve Seen in any SH (same level as TWOS)
Spécial effects are great, even better than TWOS...(smoke, fires, sinking behaviors etc)
Sounds are almost perfect to me. Just my watch officer is speaking but nothing to be heard sometimes. I can adjust that, it’s the YES SIR missing.
Damage model when depth charged is nice too, and we can at least manage it

Now, i think there are way too much life everywhere. But that’s my own opinion.
I had to avoid ennemies for first time in a silent hunter!
Ships are spawning everywhere on my path to my patrol grid (mainly Polish)
And i’m Quite surprised to find plenty escorted Polish convoys in 1939

Anyway, WAC is magnificent and plenty of good many little nice touch that are missing in others mega mods

PS: what is GWX detection add on mod exactly?

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