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Default Era Mini Campaigns ( RESURRECTION ) For CWA

Era Mini Campaigns ( RESURRECTION ) For CWA

The Era Mini Mission Campaigns were made by me way back for Cold Waters South China Sea

They are Basically ERA based & Side Based Missions with different mission types

So for example 60,S NATO Anti-Sub Mission ect or Port Raid ect
they are laid out in order of Movement and Choices and are designed as realistically as possible

So if its set near coastal waters coastal Neutral Vessels with be present and coast defense vessels will be present and short range aircraft ect

If its near NATO land then the enemy forces will be adjusted accordingly
So no surface ships ect Most likely SSN,S & SSGN,S cause they done need to surface or snorkel like diesel boats do

Lastly all Sea Traffic for all missions is custom to that area to add more realism and configuration of Neutral Vessels Sea Traffic types so ect :


Also some missions have two Versions with or with out Air cover so you can chose your difficulty ect a example of a full run of ERA Missions would be :

60,s Norwegian Sea patrol (NATO)
60,s North Sea patrol (NATO)
60,s Baltic Sea patrol (NATO)
60,s Baltic Sea patrol air(NATO)
60,s Baltic Sea fleet (NATO)
60,s Atlantic Ocean patrol (NATO)
60,s Atlantic Ocean Wolfpack Diesel(NATO)
60,s Atlantic Ocean Wolfpack nucl(NATO)
60,s Barents Sea patrol (NATO)
60,s Barents Sea patrol air(NATO)
60,s Barents Sea fleet (NATO)
60,s Barents Sea Resupply (NATO)
60,s Kara Sea port (NATO)
60,s Arctic Ocean boomer (NATO)
60,s Greenland Sea asw (NATO)
60,s Greenland Sea patrol air (NATO)
60,s Greenland Sea patrol (NATO)
60,s Denmark strait patrol (NATO)

Key :

asw = Anti-Submarine Warfare % chance of Other things tho

nucl = Nuclear Enemy's Present % chance of Other things tho

Diesel = Diesel Enemy's Present % chance of Other things tho

air = Enemy Air Support Present

Sea port = This a Raid Mission to inflict Damage on Port shipping so for example catching boomers coming in or out Oil tankers Submarine Supply ships ect Troop transports

Resupply = Thia is a attack enemy Re_supply Vessels mission at sea ot coastal Areas under enemy control ect

if i do this you will be able to choose your side so NATO or Pack then pick your ERA or Year ect then pick your mission then choose your player vessel

so these are fast Missions with Very selectable types and options for a given ERA so you can Select your options & choices then get in to playing Coldwater's faster and more what you wanted

all missions enemy's are Grouped in to Types also so :

a group of Destroyers

A group of Capital ships

a group of support ships so Oilers ect or Missile Resupply Vessels

this way the enemy's are better distributed like a realistic Force Per Mission

so no Like 5 Kirovs spawning ect or 3 Papa Class subs
as all the missions are designed with real enemy vessel Number Limits in mind per class in their respective separate groups

Also all NATO & PACK vessels are checked for actually being in service in your selected mission or era for extra Realism

If i do remake these they wont be in the first Release of CWA

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