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Hello First of all, thank you for your thoughts!

As I wrote above, this is a development trailer. That means the "Scene" itself, is in a scene in which only the submarine was developed. It can be clearly recognized by the fact that the destroyers e.g. do not use any textures. Also, the sky is there to see, not final. So the destroyers are only placeholders, I hope that comfort something With this trailer, I'm not going to Kickstarter, he's not mature for that. Among other things, all "content" that is still to be shown is missing. Here I decided to publish, because it is about the boat itself, but not about the overall impression of the game. I will introduce this in more detail here soon. Seahunter is based on the Unity Engine. Greetings, and have a nice day. Andy, Smoking Head Software.

ps: Seahunter also contains the TYP VII A, B, C and D ( as "Milk Cow")

Also will join the Typ XXI.

Dont worry, this Material in this Art, is not for Kickstarter, but to
show the I400. Also like i wrote above, the Sei Ran inside, is not completet in this
Video, the Textures join over this Weekend, also the UI for the Airplain will follow

Please give me a little Bit of Time, i will explain all to Seahunter, later this Week here.

PPS: A Development Scene like this, is made, that you NOT have lot Materials and Prefabs in the Scene.
For Example: All Effekts you see ( Explosions, and other ) are just Placeholders.
Reason is:

you do not import the Shaders and Particle Systemes, to such a Scene. If i do this, i go into the Mess,
to do all outsidde. But: if i export the whole Submarine for a Prefab, i can import it into the Master Project,
this have the + Point, that i do not need all Things to "Setup" again, i can use the finish Prefab like it is,
including it s Materials, Settings and all other Things. The Reson for develop in a own Project is, that i do not
beckup 20 GB in any step of Work. So with this scene, i beckup ~ 100 mb. After the Work is finish, i delete
all Placeholders, prefab the Submarine, and take it in the Main Project. So i have no conflicts or Problems
between Shaders, Effects, Particles or Scripts.

So: i do not import a big Amount of Graphic, Scripts and Effekts in a Development Scene
i know about the "Look" of the other Things, but: here is only the I400 the Point of interest

Best Greetings, and very Thank you for Your respond, happy to hear from you.
Smoking Head Software.

German Developer Studio.

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