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Default S3D v0.9 sneak preview - VIDEO

It's coming soon, a whole bunch of new features, of which I mentioned most in the S3D thread. But I just really want to share this little video. It's purpose now is to give you a little taste of what's to come, but also to show how to work with the new model viewer. And by making a new thread I can pimp this video a bit better... Hope you don't mind

Release is scheduled for this weekend, probably tomorrow night.

If you can wait just a little longer, or want to save your bandwidth, don't click the link. :rotfl:

VIDEO - 37MB (right click-save if you have problems streaming it)

NB: on a couple of occassions in the video I use incorrect terms, but I only noticed afterwards. But I didn't want to redo it :p

Latest screenshot of integrated 3D viewer if you don't watch the video:
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