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Default M1 Tank Platoon 2 Observations

#1. - I am playing the game without the update. At some point I intend to install the update and see what the differences are. CITV - I designate a target for the gunner and he does not engage it. I get the voice command for the gunner to acquire the target, but nothing happens.

#2. - One probably could do Bounding over watch with two platoons by setting waypoints and having them timed. It seems that would be incredibly hard and useless once contact is made, but Iíd like to actually try whatís described in the manual.

#3. - Once enemy contact is made, slow your tanks down. If you rush in, youíll all get killed.

#4. - if your down to your last tank, END IT! Shift + Q. If your platoon dies, you canít continue. This was just like the original 1989 game.

Iíve beaten both training campaigns and three of the other 5 campaigns. The Moldavia campaign is difficult because of the terrain, and Iíve lost that one.

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