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radar Re~Introduction of Att,s & Cat,s In CWA

The very lightweight torpedo

so a USN ATT or CAT Possible Addition (Anti-Torpedo-Torpedo) for added game weapons & Defense

The compact rapid attack weapon (CRAW) is the offensive version of the torpedo and the countermeasure anti-torpedo (CAT) is the defensive version.

“The only difference fundamentally between the defensive capability of the very lightweight torpedo, which is CAT and the offensive capability, which is CRAW, is the software that gets loaded onto the weapon at time of launch,”

a previous iteration of the Penn State-so designed torpedo was fielded as a defensive weapon intended to take out incoming torpedoes fired at aircraft carriers. That program has since been canceled, although the system remains on a small number of carriers, said David Portner, program manager for the very lightweight torpedo at Northrop Grumman.

The submarine community expressed an interest in the technology because of its size and weight, he said. Northrop Grumman has invested internal research-and-development funding to improve the design.

“The nice thing about it is it’s about one-third the size of the existing Mark 54 [lightweight] torpedo,” he said. That weighs about 600 pounds.

“The submarine force recognized that having this very capable torpedo on a submarine would allow them to increase the weapons load without impacting the size of the torpedo room, because this weapon will fit into the six-inch launcher devices"

So rather then decoying incoming torpedo's Hard Kill em

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