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Originally Posted by BritTorrent View Post

Thanks for the reply. I'll have a look at the manual and read up on the changes.

Regarding the mod order, the actual NYGM install list doesn't have those two at the end. And I'm worried if I put them there it'll stop the ARB GUI from working?

Ill do some digging.
Unless one knows how to merge files used by the conflicting mods, its a general rule to put those two at the end; otherwise the files they use will be overwrote by following mods, rendering some of the patches functions inoperable.
If you're worried about ARB, just see what files it and the two patches have in common and edit/merge from there.

I.e., say ARB and the two patches all have file x in them but you want to use all three. H.sie's version wouldn't matter since Stiebler's gets applied, and is meant to be, on top of it anyway.
I would take Stiebler's file x version and add whatever I wanted from ARB's file x to it, (while not disabling anything from Stiebler's file x in doing so) and then apply Stiebler last.
Doing so would allow ARB, H.sie's, and Stiebler's files all to work together with no conflicts nor any loss of functions of any of the three items involved.
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