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Default NYGM Torpedo Dudd Modelling - Far too much?

Hi all,

Just wanted to run something by you all. I recently had an NYGM patrol (September 1940 out of Lorient, 2nd Flotilla, Type IX) where I found a single Large Cargo off the coast off Freetown. I submerged, lined up the shots, and managed to get them perfectly on target. Smack in the middle of the freighter.

Except that both Torpedos went under the ship, and the magnetic fuse didn't work...

No bother, I know that NYGM models the Torpedo crisis so I expected to get a fair amount of duds early in the war.

Except that I ended up firing ELEVEN torpedos at this thing, and every single one of them ran too deep and missed the target.

I tried every variation I could think of, I set the depth to the bare minimum, tried Impact fuses, tried magnetic fuses, tried fast, medium and slow shots. None of them worked. I resorted to using WO assistance to make sure the shots were deadly accurate, every single one of them was spot on but every single one of them ran under the ship. Sea state was relatively calm, I didn't get the exact sea state but it was just above calm really, relatively small waves, normal weather for engaging a target.

Is this remotely realistic? I know about the Torpedo crisis and I know NYGM models this so I know that I'm going to get a relatively high rate of duds, but this seems ludicrous. If this is based on the real life dud rate how the hell did the U-Boats sink anything early on in the war?

Is this a bug or is this expected behaviour for NYGM early war?

Below is my JSGME export for reference;

Generic Mod Enabler - v2.6.0.157
[C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Silent Hunter 3\MODS]

NYGM Tonnage War V2.5 – Stand Alone Version
Harbor Traffic Add-In
Restore Gods Eye View
Supplement to V16B1 (JSGME)
ARB WideGui 1920x1080
Fix for the Recon Book ARB WideGui 1920x1080
Rapt0r's Uniforms V2.0 [Grey]
Rapt0r's Uniforms V2.0 [Grey - All Leather] Patch
No Medals On Crew [Patch]
Das Boot Sound Mod
Gramaphone Mod
Thomsen's Sound Pack V3.2cg
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