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Hi Juan Thankyou for your enquiry of our Wolfpack Mod and how we play our Campaign.

Wolfpack BdU Mod List

The Mod sorry wont work with Bots also you need to be a Wolfpack BdU Member to get the Mod.
Once you have Joined Us you will have access to the Mod.

Fire Up Steam on Wolfpack go into Properties and revert back to 18b.

Mod installation go into C:\Program Files x86 then open steam Folder then open Steam Apps
Click on Common Folder then open Wolfpack Folder then open Wolfpack Data Folder then open up Managed
then make a copy of Assembly-CSharp.dll put it in a folder on your desktop then just put prefix Old after CSharp like in the screenie below.
Then copy n paste the new one in.
When you want to play with Bots update to 19b and take out 1,961kb CSharp
or have two versions of the Common Folder one for 18b Wolfpack BdU Campaign and the other one for 19b for the Bots
version of Wolfpack

When you fire up your Modded Wolfpack the front page should look like this

Wolfpack Bdu Campaign

We all Start in Type II's with only three bow Torpedo Tubes and only six Torpedos

Matt (Stosstrup) Plays the the Part BdU he sends the Kapitan of your Uboat Patrol Orders eg Patrol Grid AN47
we use Google Maps as our Plot Map to our Patrol Area Grid and the Kapitan or Navigator plots the Uboats Progress
on the Map a TypeII or Type VIIC would cruise at 6-7knts on the surface 6knts =11.11kms per hour so in 24hrs your
Uboats traveled 266kms you plot that on the map like screenie below.

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