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Default Simulate BDU?

Just a thought - since Wolfpack tactics are an integral part of this game, it would be great to have a “BDU” simulated as well to help coordinate convoy attacks when a pack is attacking.

Historically, the first boat to make contact was the “contact holder”, whose task was to simply maintain contact with the convoy until other boats could be guided to the convoy. In WP we are all already in its vicinity so no need for that, but it does seem to me that if you have more than two boats on a convoy, coordination gets tough without some central “HQ” directing the boats.

Now, this could be done already by simply having someone sit in the fifth boat and plot everything out, Manning the radio and directing the other boats, but it would be better to have that as a role to assume. That person(s) would play Dönitz essentially.

I see it playing out as follows:

Boats spawn. The first boat makes contact, and radios this exact position of the convoy including course and speed to BDU. BDU Plots it. We’d use the numbering systems suggested in the SOPs thread in communicating positions. All boats radio own position to BDU also at the outset, and at that point BDU has enough information to direct the boats to disperse around the convoy. First contacting boat would keep BDU updated with contact reports at intervals. Once BDU has boats positioned (which is analogous to the “last boat” arriving in RL), it would issue the attack order to all boats.

Thoughts? To Neal: feasibility?
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