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SHO I vote for full sub model

I'm also in favour of the entire sub being modelled in the game.
Even if parts of it is only "eye-candy" I still would want it.
That way the game could also be seen as a virtual museum boat.
A lot of people will never have the opportunity to go to Kiel to visit U-995, but they could get this game and then get to see what a U-boat really looks like on the inside.
(Some people are making "S/S Titanic" as a virtual museum, and it's so cool to wander about the ship even if you can't interact with it. Search for "Titanic Honor and Glory" on YouTube to see it. Wolfpack could be the same for U-995)

I also liked the engine room in "Marulken", and I think they should consider bringing that over to Wolfpack too.
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