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Test (Routine) Dive
C – “Prepare to dive” – Navigator(/Radioman) immediately slides down ladder from tower, goes to Echolot for quick sounding then to aft ballast vents. Bridgewatch goes below in following order: Radioman(/Navigator) (to negative controls), Commander last and closes hatch.

D/H – Switches to electrics, then Great Ahead, mans fwd ballast vents, reports “Forward vents ready”.

N(/R) – Reports depth under keel, then at aft vents: “aft vents ready, all vents ready”. Marks current position on map.

C – Shuts tower hatch, orders “Flood!”

D/H – Opens fwd ballast vents, reports “Forward open”. Sets fwd planes hard down, aft down 5.

N(/R) – After about 5 seconds, opens aft ballast vents, reports “Aft open, vents are open”.

Note: At this point, if Radioman manned aft vents and Navigator the negative, they switch out to their usual roles.

At 8-15 meters depth:
D/H – Orders “Blow negative”.

R – Blows negative, reports when done “Negative blown”. Mans hydrophone.

C – Orders “Go to x meters”.

D/H – Reports depth in 10-meter increments, having established a down angle of 5-8 deg. Levels off 2-5 meters below ordered depth, sets planes fwd up 10, aft up 15 and approaches ordered depth from below.

At desired depth:
D/H - Reports “Boat is balanced”.

C – Orders “Close vents”.

D/H – Closes fwd vents, reports “Forward closed”.

N – Closes aft vents, reports “Aft closed, all vents closed”, inspects for leaks, reports “No leaks in the boat”, reports compressed air level.

C – Orders course and speed (usually slow ahead, half ahead for any depth changes)

D/H – Reports battery level.

R – Reports sound contacts.
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