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Originally Posted by Elphaba View Post
Some people are already complaining about the 20mins it can take to catch up to the convoy, and that they have nothing to do during the transit.

They want card games, changing light bulbs or unscrewing panels and messing with wiring as just something to do until they go pew pew...

Can you imagine how’d they react if they were in a noisy, smokey room just listening for potential engine problems with no ability to repair or patch up if found?

As a community we’re so lucky to have not just one new sub game but two released (even in early access) in the same year - it’s been dead out there really since the cluster f&&k that was SH5 - I think the ‘must be constantly doing something’ brigade will enjoy the micro management, time compression and less realism that UBoat offers, and the oldies who want to feel the tension and challenge will enjoy Wolfpack more.

I’m still buying both though. Gotta support the genre!
For the downtime I propose SOP drills! Let’s try and get that dive time down etc. Takes a dedicated crew though. Former military and I miss that kind of thing, drilling for better times etc.
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