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Originally Posted by PanicEnsues View Post
my other mobile game, "Tail Gun Charlie"

Ya kiddin' me! Did that just fly by in passing...You do that? 1 dev? TGC is in my estimation one of the classic underrated mobile Air-sim shooters --incidentally encompassing my fav genre outside sub-sims: B-17 airships (still rocking Flying Fortress to this day).

For the clueless, in TGC you tail-gun a B-17, popping 109s, etc, as they swarm in at all angles. You rack of points and promotions, bonus flack defenses and other goodies to aid you as faster and sturdier air-ships level up against you. You aim and fire by touch or, optionally, my fav, gyroscope.

It's a ton of fun and not as facile as it first seems. Anyway, just wanna say it blew me away when I saw you were behind that as well as CD. Which all points to we all being well-grounded in looking forward to something special in CD2! All I can say is, Beam me up, Mr. Scott.
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