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Changelog DCS: World 1.2.11 Open Beta
With DCS 1.2.11 we launch Su-27 for DCS World and bring some major fixes for existent projects.
DCS Fw 190 D-9 no longer in beta stage.
Only in open-beta for a while.

DCS World
Added Su-27 as separate module
Incockpit rotaries have limits now (with mouse wheel usage)
Crash on exit after using receive mode for radio communications is fixed
Crash if the ship deactivates itself is fixed
Crash when performing task: landing, after late activation is fixed
Crash if the object deactivates itself is fixed
Crash when group (target) is deactivated by a trigger is fixed
Crash with input initialization errors is fixed
Crash after reload mission by [LShift+R] is fixed
Crash on mission exit if message transmitting in progress is fixed
An animation freeze of aircraft wheels at big speed is fixed

DCS Fw 190 D-9
Manuals updated
Added Fw 190 campaign by SiThSpAwN

DCS Flaming Cliffs
New flight dynamics of Su-27
HUD indication of russian fighters are improved
Added HUD repeater mod on the HDD of MiG-29 and Su-27/33
F-15C, Su-27. Wheel brakes in controls indicator are added
Added electric power switch [RShift-L] to all FC aircraft
Su-27 AI. Flaps deflection is corrected

DCS MiG-21bis
KPP Director Needle is now horizontal (previously anchored on left side)
Fixed bolts not moving with canopy/disappearing after jettison.
Fixed Pilot Oxygen + Emergency Oxygen usage levels.
Fixed various issues with the AC bus.
Fixed RSBN needle issues on/around the 0 position.
Partially fixed the KPP reset functionality.
Fixed warehouse not listing ASO-2 or SPS-141 if stores are limited.
Fixed various instances of shaking in hangars during windy weather.
Drastically altered afterburner fuel consumption.
Added inner and outer markers to altimetre
Fixed limited altimeter pressure scale width (scale now moves from 670 -> 790 mmHg)
Fixed limited altimeter pressure scale knob movement
Fixed Compressed Air usage.
Attempted to alleviate sim freezing on aircraft start/initialization
Overhauled Gear & Suspension to yield more stable taxiing, landing and takeoff behaviour.
Implemented Ground DC Power.
Fixed various instances of the Canopy not disappearing when jettisoned or after ejection.
Fixed instances of multiple canopies spawning during ejection.
Partially Fixed bouncing/rocking after crash-landing the aircraft.
Removed Red Padlock Recon sight by default.
Fixed various instances of grammatical and spelling errors in most training missions.
Fixed incorrect instructions and mission behaviour in A-G Bombardment training mission.
Fixed ADI Aircraft Symbol reversal when OFF.
Fixed incorrect barometric altimeter pressure indication.
Fixed throttle grip only moving in one direction when using the mouse.
Revised buggy axis assignments for TDC Range and Target Size

Today Su-27 will be available in the open-beta. At next week we'll share it to main DCS version for all.
More News to the front.....

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