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Nuke Major exploit of trim mechanics in 0.20

How found: play testing

Game version: 0.20 (new - did not happen in 0.19)

Setup: any

Steps to reproduce:

1. Enable diesel engines and set any speed forward (or stop if you wish).
2. Adjust the trim tank until the boat is stable at a depth of exactly 10.1 meters.
3. The diesel is still running, not flooded (!).


At this point, you can set the speed up to Full on diesel, thus achieving almost 15 knots at the depth where only the RDF ring is barely protruding above the surface of the water. The air compressor also works.

This is for all practical purposes equivalent to having a snorkel, and presumably not intentional as a feature.

Bonus "WTF of the day":

The maximum speed of a Tribal class destroyer at which it can still use ASDIC is approximately 14 kts in the game (18 kts in real life). This is slower (in the game) than the maximum speed at which a boat can travel effectively submerged at Full speed on diesels in game version 0.20. Thus, one can literally run away from escort pursuit while submerged - a feat only normally possible in a nuclear submarine. This has been empirically confirmed by play testing.

Special thanks: rocketdrive for helping flesh out the concept.

@Developers: Please kindly fix this exploit for the sake of maintaining immersion in the game. Thanks in advance.

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