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Originally Posted by l02turner View Post
Thanks for those details. I recently installed LAA using your instructions. Also, I am running W10 ver 1809 (the latest).

BTW, I noticed in Task Manager, SH4 says "32 bit" after it in the Background Processes even though my laptop is running W10 64 bit vers . Does this make SH4 run differently? Is there anything I can/should do to get SH4 to run properly on a 64 bit system?

Thanks for your help!
My newer computer plays the game just fine, actually much better than my "modding" computer which is an XP Operating System; 32bit; Pentimum4; 2gig maximum RAM memory computer (I can't even use LAA with it due to the limited memory it has!?).

My newer Windows 10; 64bit; 16gig RAM; LAA enabled SH4 game hums' along with no issues at all!

The fact the game was designed for 32bit systems makes no difference.....a 64bit system will run the game just fine. However, as I point out in this thread, using the correct LAA enabler is important (either the one used for the older 3.5 version of NetFramework; or the newer 4.0/4.5 version).

As well as making sure your computer has the older DirectX files that the game expects to find (use the "DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer" to check and add as needed).

Lastly, allow the OS to check for trouble with the games start-up "sh4.exe" file by using the file's "Compatibility" tab, then using the "Run Compatibility Troubleshooter" to diagnose the file as defined HERE. Windows does a remarkable job in doing this automatically.....allow it to correct as needed.

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