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Default DirectX installation, all versions

As a Windows 10 user and modder with SH4, one of my first additions to my new system was Silent 3ditor (S3D)...a great program for making modifications to the game. After installing it, I attempted to open it, only to be greeted by a message box stating my DirectX files needed to be updated. Hmmmmm, I've got DirectX 12 with this OS!? Why do I need to update my files?? I've since learned that many of the older DirectX files have been eliminated over the past several Windows versions!! In order to give all possible older apps/programs/games a chance to run as expected, you need to add back to your system their specific DirectX files. In Silent 3ditor's case, it couldn't find the proper DirectX files, and stated so with the warning message.

As many of you know, when installing Silent Hunter 4 to your system, you're asked to have DirectX v9.0c files added to your system during the install wizard. In the same way, other programs/games need specific DirectX files to work. There's no harm in having the DirectX files checked for completeness, so its become apparent that even a newer Operating System like Windows 10 needs to have the same checks made. Any Operating System newer than Windows XP should have their DirectX files checked with the following installer, and restore those missing DirectX files that have been removed with the newer versions of DirectX....up to the current DirectX 12 version.

Luckily, Microsoft has made it simple to have your OS DirectX files checked and added-to as needed, with a single download......"DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer" found HERE. The following download page has a description of what it does and how to run it:

Again, it's my opinion this should be used for ALL Windows Operating Systems, post Windows XP. The fact that specific older DirectX files have been eliminated with the newer versions of's important to put them back onto your system if you plan to use older programs/games that MAY require those files to be present. There's no harm in being prepared, and you may find that unlike S3D that provided a warning message, another program may not give you such a warning.....leaving you to wonder why the game/program doesn't work as intended.

Checking for all previous DirectX files, and installing those not found is the way to keep your programs/games running as they should.

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