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Hi guys,

I just started playing with the demo, and have to say, I'm very impressed !

I have "dabbled" with Unity in the past, but have never produced anything as "slick" as the current demo

Some q's & comments :

1) It would be helpful if a note was added to the download page for the demo or (better yet a README) briefly summarizing what is working / not in the demo.

2)I.e. is the radio direction finder working ?
When I rotate the "bearing indicator" of the "RDF" to match what I'm hearing on the sonar, the radio transmissions are not getting "silenced"

3) Periscope - Are there plans to add bearing indicators "inside" the periscope "view". I.e, a "bearing ring"

It's a bit cumbersome now to have to keep RMB "exiting" the periscope view to see what bearing the periscope is aimed at

4) Map
A "zoom reset (to max-zoom-out)" key / mouse click-combo would be handy.

A "center-on-ship" key (i.e. if map has been panned away from the ship)

5) Speed indicator / direction indicator :
I see there is a direction indicator on both the front and back of the ship.

It would be useful to add a speed indicator near the back-direction indicator.

It would useful to have the speed indicator also visible near the periscope's current bearing indicator

Great work !, Keep it up !

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