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Originally Posted by Fubar2Niner View Post

1st I can't say for WAC 5, but I don't see why these Inspector settings aren't cross compatible I can however throw in my 10 cents worth using GWX; see my screens;
First with Prodys settings:

Notice the jaggies along the side of the turm !

Now my settings:

Voila no jaggies !!

I must emphasise both *.nip files give a sun halo, on my part I don't even use the flat sun fix.

My *.nip file can be found here:

Hope this helps

Best regards.

Thanks a lot for this profile!

This is actually the best for SH3 on my rig. Much better than the one i use to play!

But ... for MEP V6, not for SH5 water.
I tried everything here in this thread, and it is still not good at all.
Probably my ZOTAC 580 doesn’t handle this SH5 water mod correctly.
MEP V6 water is great (not as good as real SH5 though because of transparency) while this SH5 water mod looks crap on my rig.
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