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Bayu Pamungkas
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Hi sir @p7p8, I would like to ask you :

1. How to make an AI surface ship launches a helicopter if she suspicious about player's submarine presence? So after she detects the submarine/ an attack from submarine she sends the helicopter. But if the helicopter can not find the submarine after XX time, how to make the helicopter back to the ship? So the helicopter will not runout of fuel and crashing into the sea. After the helicopter back to the ship is it posible to launch it again if the ship detects the submarine for the second time (repeating the cycle)?

2. How to detect very quiet ssk crawling at 3 knots or less passively? I made a test to detect a Type 212 at 3 knots with TB-29 sonar. It is still undetected even at range 1 nm. (Sea state 1, clear weather, rock seabed)

#I use RA 1.49.
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