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Originally Posted by fireship4 View Post
# I have a suspicion the enemy Orion can somehow "hear" you ping.
Think it through.
If the P-3 has dropped buoys, then yes he can hear you ping.

Those two missions are tough due to their location. There isn't that much water under your keel so you can mostly forget about the towed arrays. To be truthful, they really aren't SSN missions- they are more suited to a DDG.

There's no strict rule in DW that you can only play a mission once, that's why there's a save feature and a replay view when you debrief..

Try a tactic, then see how it played out. Then, figure out why it didn't work and try again.

A good stand-alone mission should kick your butt the first time you play it... and the second time and maybe a third.

RA makes things tougher but with RA 1.48 you at least have a chance in single player.
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