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Default Fast 90

Originally Posted by gutted View Post
Approach from 90 degrees. Set scope to 0, set 90 AOB (port or starboard), input speed, ignore range. Swivel scope until the gyro reads 0 and thats your shoot point. It's not hard.

The only difference with this game is that you can't actually see the gyro while in the scope. So you have to disable the TDC from the scope then move the heading dial on the TDC (which should really be labeled bearing) until you find the bearing that zero gyro is on, then re-slave it to the scope and put the scope on that bearing. Or just have the man on the TDC tell you when the you are on the zero gyro.
Thank you. Did not realize someone replied to my comment.
I have the Fast 90/O'kane method well in hand now for Wolfpack.
Very easy. It also has the added benefit of making it easier to gauge the convoy speed by using only one of the escorts. In my opinion, it is MUCH easier to identify an escort for my speed determination than it is to identify a merchant. Sometimes the merchants can be tricky when they are massed together and the masts and kingposts get jumbled together.
I've been sinking ships at will while surfaced by myself quite successfully with this method.
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