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Originally Posted by Onkel Neal View Post
Yes, thank you for the feedback, very helpful.
Thankyou for the kind response, and not being dismissive as can often occur on some forums. I very much appreciate you taking the time to answer, especially as you must be bombarded by different visions or expectations, I would imagine.
I have never personally had any involvement in game / simulation development, but have observed numerous other projects lose impetus from there original focus purely due to the different community factions each vying for their direction or ideal.
I have great faith that if you can maintain your original direction and focus to the most part, taking onboard suggestions that don't stray too far from this plan. It will turn out great for all, as nothing of this scale has been accomplished so far, and what we have currently is a giant leap forward and something I've imagined as a - "wouldn't it be great to have a Uboat sim where you can......" .

Once again thankyou for all your efforts.
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