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Default Couple of things I would put forward for possible revision

Hello all, would just like to note an observation for consideration. Since buying Wolfpack I have been playing solo to learn the systems involved. I have noticed when engaged in a deck gun battle, although you can hear the odd shell whistling overhead from the merchant ships, it is very difficult to ascertain damage taken. In my last encounter of this type I surfaced to finish off two merchants, heard the odd shell or two fired towards me but other than taking it as a given that this sound denoted serious damage I had no other reference.
The boat seemed perfectly fine in all respects. I would suggest maybe the bot crew could advise upon damage being taken or some better audible / visual clues could be implemented in the future. Quite frustrating to be just finishing the last ship off and then get the your boat is sunk screen without any real indication that you were taking major hits.

Another small item that could stand looking at again is perhaps the recognition manual, whether this is the screen resolution I am playing in, that is the issue - possibly ? But it seems to me, the masts on the main silhouette details are very difficult to distinguish and it's not until you select each one individually you can make features out clearly.

The only other QoL feature I would put forward ( maybe this is already thing and i'm missing it somehow ? ). Is the ability to recenter the map. I am aware you can zoom in and out to a degree. But I am finding that when taking time, planning an attack often I end up right on the extreme edge of the map and can find no way to gain more space to make full use of the map tools. I do realise currently this is a skirmish / quick encounter mode and the roadmap suggests maybe an extended patrol region to come. However would it be possible to look at this ?

Other than that the update seems a massive improvement, thanks to all involved.
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