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Default Development Updates

Hello everyone, here comes some updates!

As you may have noticed, it is currently very complicated to connect to a host behind a router. This is because of network address translation, meaning that the router gives the computer behind the router an internal IP address, and then translates any outgoing call from that address to itís own. To bypass the problem, both parties need to connect to a third party server that performs a NAT punchthrough operation.

Since we are greenlit now, we should be able to use Steamís services to connect players. This, however, means rewriting most of the net code, so this might take a while. In the meanwhile weíll try to get the game on steam as is, meaning you still have to play through a virtual private network if you are hosting behind a router. Having the game on Steam is still beneficial, since it enables automatic updating, bug reporting and other nice features, but the goal is to use Steamís matchmaking and friend lists to set up online multiplayer matches.

While Oscar is working on integrating the game with Steam, I have started creating player avatars. This first set of avatars will be placeholders for more detailed models that will be added at a later stage in development. The avatars will be implemented as soon as possible.

/ Einar
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