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Originally Posted by gap View Post
@ VonDos
Out of curiosity: why do you call your unit "generic"? As far as I can judge from a quick visual comparison with pictures of the real Wilhelm Gustloff, if not 100% accurate, your and AOTD_MadMax's model resembles the German hospital ship quite closely.
Originally Posted by Anvar1061 View Post
Let me answer.
How do you imagine this ship in the neutral part and the opposite side of the AXIS?

Well, if you assign a unit to "Red Cross" roster, this ship will be spawned in all hospital ship's route. Red Cross units will not serve as a Allied or Axis unit, so this can create a paradox like a soviet Wilhelm Gustloff, or a british one.

Originally Posted by gap View Post
...and since you reward this unit as a 'generic modern ocean liner', why didn't you provide it with a generic war-grey texture together with the hospital ship texture?
Are you serious?
Do you know how much time will this require to me, for create a realistic troop transport\floating barrack unit with a semi historically accurate A\A with supports, a gray skin, to add rafts and extra lifeboats...

(Image taken from web, just a reference)

Just kidding. Not more than one hour using modular parts taken from previous units

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Those, others and WIP ships are avaiable in my SHIPYARD here:
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