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Originally Posted by Subnuts View Post
I think we could fit an hour or two aboard the Salem without much trouble. Since the Battleship Cove sleepover is off, we won't be spending any additional time Sunday morning exploring the exhibits. Also, the Cassin Young is in drydock now, so that's some more time freed up there. It's not like I'm going to be crying if we can't see the Salem - after eight hours at BB Cove, you probably won't want to see another bulkhead or hand valve for a week. Still, the ship is in excellent condition and is more open than any of the Fall River might have to come down to a coin toss.

I'm game. Especially since by staying the last night at my place just down the road from Battleship cove we're not loosing any time by having to drive all the way back from New London.
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