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Originally Posted by Skybird View Post
Okay. Another detaiol that got my attention was how man missed shots there are. VERY many. Leopards-2A4s needing to fire a dozen rounds at a target in order to finally hit it, does not sound right. Also, the firing ranges did not exceed around 2000m. I wonder why they do not engage at greater ranges even when having an unobstructed LOS. While there may not be reason in always firing at a moving target 4 km away, firing ranges of 3 km and more should be implemented, especially at stationary targets.
Maybe so many shots were needed because you were firing at a dug-in or hull-down target with a small turret from a long range? The green arc indicates that the unit is hull-down. Leo2 shouldn't usually have problems hitting a target that's a few kilometers away. The APFSDS max range is set to 3500 meters, it's possible to engage targets that far away if the LOS is unobstructed. The LOS tool ignores all smoke, so the unit LOS can be obstructed even if the tool shows otherwise.

And a tip for urban areas: I would implement a variable that make LOS interrupted once it pentrates two rows of houses deep, because right now the houses seem to be treated as individual objects, giving even dense cities with small streets and tight houselines with closes facades the look of a loosely assembled camping site. This makies any behaviour of units in cities absolutely unrealistic.
Yes indeed, it could be a good idea to restrict the LOS in urban areas...
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