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Hi postal,

Nice work. Yest I've explored your model much but I do have to ask, is this the historical layout of the boat? I noticed the radio,sonar rooms have been moved. I'm asking because I implement mods manually, and I am after historical authentic models. I'd be happy to release my finished conversion with the addition of previous type2 interior mods all in one, with crew members when I am done.

But first, I'd like to know if the radio room position is accurate in your model, because that will take alot of time for me to implement and to remove the previous things that were in that position, like the navigator's desk/map, and instruments, etc.... Plus the shortening of the hull because the absense of the extra radioroom extension room.

Thank you.

Originally Posted by postalbyke View Post
Have you tried it in the game?

No, I didn't add crew members to the new rooms, sorry!
I'm not that skilled. I thought about adding dock workers, but hadn't worked out how to get them to interact with anything meaningfully.

Basically, I tried to see how much 3d modding I could get done in three weeks. I may not have time to update this model until summer, so this is just a taster. If you're interested in crew and higher-detail models, check out U-boat HAHD and Tomi99. Both of them have high-detail type II interiors, and maybe even more crew!
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