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Default NYGM version 3.2 released.

I have newly downloaded an update to NYGM, version 3.2, to FileFront. The file has the .7z extension, and can be extracted with 7-Zip (or WinRAR, if a recent version).

This new patch needs to be installed over the full stand-alone version, NYGM 2.5 'Fulon', available from the same site. The new patch completely replaces all previous patches, including NYGM 2.6B, 3.0 and 3.1. It will cause no harm to install NYGM 3.2 over the older patches, but your computer will be cleaner if you un-install these older patches first (assuming you used JSGME to install them in the first place). Then install NYGM 3.2 with JSGME.

New users:
1. Create a clean installation of Silent Hunter 3 and patch 1.4b. Then create a folder 'silenthunteriii\mods.
2. Download NYGM 2.5 Standalone (Fulon) version and unzip it into your new \mods folder. Then install it with JSGME.
3. Download and unzip NYGM 3.2 patch into the \mods folder and install with JSGME.
3. (Optional) Download and install IABLShips_NYGM3 with JSGME. This adds NYGM's version of IamBecomeLife's 'New Merchant Fleet' and a new campaign file.

There is very little new in this release, because it is now becoming hard to find anything interesting to add. However, some people require the new compass to aid manual targetting, hence this premature release.

New items (as well as minor tweaks):
1. Updated equipment upgrade chart (upgradeschart.tga) for use when equipping the U-boat at base.
2. Hitman's easy-to-read new compass as a pull-out item from the right hand of the screen.
3. Latest version of Hitman's optics mod for NYGM. Essential for manual targetting, and excellent even if you cheat by using the weapon's officer to set the dials! When installed (optional), this mod has also the pull-out compass.
4. Merchant smoke made much denser for coal-fired merchant ships (Mikhayl). This mod has also been added to some of the IABL ships, so that the IABLShips_NYGM3 file has been updated too. (Therefore users already possessing IABL's new merchant fleet will have to download it again if they want the smoke improvement.)
5. NYGM updates for SH3Commander, as described in my earlier post.

Optional Extra: Mikhayl's High-Res U-boats mod for NYGM.
This is a very large file, and therefore is included as an optional download from the FileFront site. It adds a lot of detail to individual U-boats, and I have tested it thoroughly.
Because this file is so large, and takes a long time to upload to FileFront, I would suggest that all potential users should download this mod *quickly*, before Filefront decides to delete it. Unzip and install it as described for the NYGM 3.2 patch. This patch should be the last mod added of the four mentioned (NYGM 2.5 1st, NYGM 3.2 2nd, IABL ships 3rd, High-Res U-boats 4th).

A manual describing these and all earlier changes made since version 2.5 is included as an Acrobat PDF file in folder 'documentation' supplied with the NYGM 3.2 patch.

All these mods can be obtained by clicking on the NYGM FileFront link below.

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