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Originally Posted by ElJammos View Post
Do the escorts, for their search box, also take into account on which side the torpedo impacted?
At any rate, very sensible stuff indeed. I'm looking forward to that update indeed!
Very good question, I don't know for sure but I would guess, no. In 1941, one would suppose that any attack would most likely becoming from outside the convoy. Sure, the escort could search inside the convoy but there are a lot of limitations imposed by surrounding ships and their screw sounds, and not running into them. Plus, you would figure the odds are much greater that a U-boat would find it easier to get into position 1500m outside the convoy perimeter than holding fire until working into the convoy.

Of course, we know some U-boat aces did manage to get inside the convoys, and that seemed to be a celebrated achievement, not a simple (or safe) task.

One other thing; currently when the ships fire flares it basically extends their visible detection range. Ideally, there should be less certainty that a flare will make a sub visible.

Imo, the trick for a good game is to have a variety of factors: day/night, weather, moon/no moon, alerted/not alerted, sea state, and a random experience/crew quality factor for each ship. Combine these and the gameplay is realistic and improved. It will keep the players on their toes in honest fashion.

Thanks, Andy, for posting that excerpt!
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