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Default Live Cipherer - A tool for crypt and decrypt messages faster during multiplayer.

As part of an upcoming event I have made a tool can crypt and decrypt radio messages on the fly (manual input). For the moment it only supports three different keys ([0, 0, 0], [3, 6, 6] and [6, 1, 0]), but more will be supported soon plus a way to set a custom key that wont be decipherable in-game.

And as part of that I want to learn more about opensource programming I decided to release the source code on GitHub. I'm gladly taking all the feedback I can get, because of this will be my first opensource-project and I think I can learn a lot from it.

The focus on this release was to get it usable before this Friday (#success!), now begin the work to get it user-friendly.

Things that are left to do to the next release:
  • Adding more comments.
  • Adding more cipher-keys.
  • Adding support for a costume cipher-key.
  • Adding labels and describing text to all inputs.
  • Make use of hidden 'find cipher-definition'.

Releases: Link
Download: v0.1

I hope players can find it to be useful!

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