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I haven't really played COD much, but this doesn't surprise me - Team Fusion had already done a lot of unofficial work on that title to make it go from rough and semi-finished to substantially more playable. They'd already got good press from players and, it seems, have been causing both old and new players to come back and give it another look, to the point of even creating some new sales for COD - especially among those who had gripes with the Battle of Moscow/Stalingrad line for one reason or another.

It's a smart move for the publisher - why compete with mods for your own previous title, when you can offer support for them instead? Everybody wins in this scenario, but especially players who have more sims to choose from.
Not a totally unprecedented move either - in fact the other notable Battle of Britain sim (BoB II, which in my view is still the better title ) has also remained in support largely thanks to community-made patches made with approval and assistance from the current publisher.

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