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Default DCS Huey. Worth it? Your opinion wanted.

Looking into buying the DCS Huey module and have read through a pile of reviews. There are a few things that concern me and I need some inputs from those of you who have played this sim or in any way have some idea and inputs.

There appear to be a number of bugs, from mild ones to game breaking ones. Thing is, few can seem to agree on what those bugs are and how serious they are. I understand that with the myriads of hardware configurations you will find, this doesn't have a clear cut answer but still: How stable has the game been to you and have you encountered bugs that stood out as annoying or game breaking? Has the game been running problem free for you?

How resource hungry is it, compared to Black Shark 2? Reading the requirements as they are listed on various sites leaves me confused. The requirements seem to vary quite a lot, from 4GB RAM, 2, 8, 16, pick a number, dual core, quad, pentium exclusively to anything that says CPU, it's confusing to say the least.
How well does it run on your system (frame rate in particular against settings in the options menu) and what system is it?

Last: I'm not sure if this purchase will happen before World 2 comes out. I want to have a closer look at their business model before handing over more money. The game won't do me any good if World 1.5 is deprecated and World 2 is forced upon us at full price when it's released (call me a pessimist but so many bizarre business models nowadays and enough rumours and hear-say to make me a bit wary).
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