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I can understand your frustration but I don't think it's appropriate or professional to slur the devs. Not only are you a well-known streamer, you have a good reputation here. Please keep in mind, this is the Subsim forum, and we like to keep a civil tone in our discussions. Criticism is welcome if accompanied with tact.

Getting this simulation to completion was always going to be an uphill battle because it's hard as hell to do with one programmer and one artist. We originally thought the schedule to early access would be a year, it turned out to be nearly three. But, let me stress two things: the work got done -- no one threw up their hands and quit; and it was pretty darn good work.

As for the $$, the devs have not invited me to any of their parties on the French Riviera, maybe cause I'm not cool enough, but probably because they are not goofing off, it's just hard work, building a really good sim on your first project as a developer.

Now we're working toward the full release, it may take another year, or three, we'll see. You should consider this, they have hired an additional 3D modeler (Koji) full time and they are planning to add another programmer in Jan, full time. This should help the pace.

Have a good Thanksgiving, Jonny.
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