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Originally Posted by cmdr_loslos View Post
I get what you are trying to say. One question tho, how do you know the aob is 135/120 port(without the map) because to me ship's course looks completely horizontal to me which therefore makes an angle <90 for me? This is the only thing that I have been getting stuck on everytime.
I'm confused with what you mean with 'horizontal'. As a ship that goes 'vertical' is in the ending stages of sinking. (they don't go bow or stern up in this game though, until the developers improve the mechanics)

I use the walls of the buildings (structures) and island ridges to tell which way it is oriented. Can you see the front-side or the back-side of them? Do the island ridges of the deck overlap in a way that the port or starboard side hides the other? Do forward objects obscure things that are located more aft? (or the other way around) In these images it is quite hard to see it because of compression. But it probably would show better in a pure screenshot. It can be quite tricky to see whether they are turned away or towards you. It's like the 'old woman or young woman' illusion sometimes. But when you see the details only 1 should work.
Example 'old woman or young woman' : (spoiler button because Youtube preview image is too big)

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