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Default Confusion in AOB

Ok so here I have 3 screenshots while doing the tutorial mission in wolfpack.
The below is a pic of type 12:
Screenshot (17).jpg

This one is also the same ship taken showing the front of the sub:
Screenshot (18).jpg

And this one is taken on the map:
Screenshot (16).jpg

I want to start by saying I am finding it really difficult to find aob by imagining myself on target ship so, I was trying to find the aob by using the map and plotting my bearing at which I saw the ship and the range the ship was at so that (maybe) I could find aob using some simple geometry but the pickle was that I didn't know the target ship's course. (Also in the last pic it shows that type 12 is headed on a course making an obtuse angle but in the first 2 pics it seems like the course of type 12 is a straight line which also is really confusing) So is there any other way I could try to find aob or do I just have to imagine myself on the target ship to find it?
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