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at the moment, we are at the stage of transition to a new level. now developers are engaged in a very important area of game development. this is the creation of a simple mission editor. this will allow you to introduce a completely new gameplay to the game. once we get the mission editor and it is fully adapted with the WPCommander app, players will be able to participate in their character's career. this will remind you of silent hunter online. missions will no longer be monotonous, and players will receive different tasks, the consumption of torpedoes will be taken into account, they will receive encrypted radio messages, their character's military rank will be upgraded, they will earn experience points that will be used to buy torpedoes and to move to a new level of complexity, and so on. after the appearance of the mission editor, players will be able to enjoy this process for a while, and developers will be able to breathe more freely and engage in conducting other elements of the game: planes, land, and so on. WPCommander already exists and you can try it out. attracting players to participate in the WPC campaign will also be useful for the development of the game..
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