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Originally Posted by stellaferox View Post
You keep referring to the team of UBoat-sim as "they" but is really a one man show. I asked a few years ago to join up forces with Uboat-sim and WOTA but they all developped into different directions. WOTA is officially dead as no new things have come out in the last 5 years. UBoat-sim is just a sim of the technical details of a UBoat but very good at that. A very promising initiative.

I agree that Wolfpack is dead. I warned the community a few months ago as since september last year no significant updates have been brought out, apart from some log-in procedure and a morse code radio nobody notices.
To be honest I am very disappointed because I love this game so much. I really, really hope that Onkel Neal can bring this back to life or more devs can jump in!

Meanwhile I am awaiting "War on the sea" as announced by STEAM as coming soon...
Look, Onkel Neal is only a cheerleader at this point and a witness behind the scenes. It's a disservice to the devs to think that "I" will have a significant impact on the development of this game, because Oscar and Einer are doing the work, not me. Every week we review the progress, the current goals, and the upcoming areas they are working on. There is work and progress, right now it's not something that has an immediate impact, but it's there.

Keep in mind, this is their first major project, they are learning as they go. I remember in Sweden spending days discussion all the aspects of the project, the AI, the weather, the ballast system, having localized sound, etc. More than once I reflected on how easy it is to describe what needs to be in the game and what a challenge it is to actually create it, understand the code, get all the details of the sub interior right, etc. I still am mightily impressed with their work and I happen to know it is going to get better.

I can appreciate your concern, and there's nothing wrong with being anxious about the pace of development. I respect you for speaking up, and being civil about it at the same time.

thanks, guys,
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